Dr Graham Le Lievre

DR GRAHAM LE LIEVRE, Bach App Sci (Chiropractic)

With over 20 years of clinical experience, Dr Graham Le Lievre has established himself as one of Australia’s most skilled and respected Chiropractors. He has been delivering quality Chiropractic care to the Adelaide community since 1989.


  • Chiropractic (manual adjustment, drop table, activator)
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)
  • Dietary and supplementation advice
  • Exercise advice
  • Workplace assessments

Dr Graham is a highly experienced Chiropractor who incorporates the above techniques to diagnose and treat not only structural but also neurological, chemical, hormonal, pathological and emotional imbalances in the body.

Dr Graham takes a holistic approach to healing and wellness. He has treated people of all ages and backgrounds in Adelaide over the past 20 years, including:

  • Office workers
  • Newborn babies
  • Pregnant women
  • Teenagers
  • Elite athletes
  • Special Forces soldiers
  • Elderly people
  • Kids with learning difficulties
  • Anyone else who is looking to improve their health and wellbeing.
  • In fact, he’s even been known to treat animals using Chiropractic techniques (he’s still farm boy at heart)!

With such extensive Chiropractic experience and training, your family is in the right hands with Dr Graham Le Lievre, at Life 4 You in Adelaide.